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Influencer X is a dynamic subscription-based service that caters to both influencers and small businesses/e-commerce brands, offering a unique platform that connects them in mutually beneficial partnerships.


Our business model revolves around providing tailored services to meet the distinct needs of our subscribers.

For influencers, we have developed an exclusive subscription program that allows them to collaborate with us and participate solely in projects sourced through our platform. By partnering with us, influencers gain access to a diverse range of projects from small businesses seeking their expertise. These projects provide opportunities for influencers to showcase their talents, engage with exciting brands, and further expand their personal brands. Additionally, influencers may earn commissions based on the projects they work on, enhancing their earning potential.

Image by Annie Spratt

On the other hand, small businesses and e-commerce brands can benefit from our services by leveraging the power of influencers to promote their products or services. By subscribing to our platform, these businesses gain access to a curated selection of influencers who are ready to endorse and market their offerings. This collaboration enables small businesses to effectively boost their brand visibility, reach a wider target audience, and ultimately drive capital growth. 

At influencer X, we take pride in facilitating meaningful connections between influencers and small businesses. Our subscription-based model ensures a consistent and reliable stream of opportunities for influencers, while simultaneously providing businesses with a powerful avenue to expand their reach and increase sales. By fostering these partnerships, we aim to create a vibrant ecosystem that benefits all parties involved and propels their success in the digital landscape.

The best part of it all, it’s that our membership is FREE. Subscribe to our membership now, and book in your first free consultation.

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